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Internet connection services are essential for every home, business and it has become a significant part of Canadians’ lives. As we advance year by year, business internet has placed itself ideal for people to have the tech for mobile connections, signalling in a new period of speed, connectivity, and possibility. One great thing about Boltwireless is that it has paired up with Koodo and Telus that can assist you in handling the difficulties of the global landscape and Canadian.

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FREE S22 and S22 ULTRA

$55 Only

  • Unlimited Data
  • Free Accessories worth $200
  • 4 lines minimum requirements
  • Business required
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Bring 4 Lines

Get 4 Samsung S22, S22 Ultra Phones for Free

Where Are We Located At?


8067 120th Street, Unit 110, Delta, BC V4C 6P7
Phone: 778 957 8000


11686 Stevenson Hwy Unit 7000, Richmond, BC V7A 1N6
Phone: 778 567 2000


610 6th St Unit K9, New Westminster, BC V3L 3C2
Phone: 604 736 6828


31940 S Fraser Way, Unit 16, Abbotsford, BC V2T 1V6
Phone: 604 967 3000


522 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V3
Phone: 778 536 8000


801 9 Ave S, Golden, BC V0A 1H0
Phone: 250-439-9990


415 Na’a Common SW, Calgary, AB T3H 6A3
Phone: 403 277 0096


Looking for a smartphone?

You will be surprised because we have experienced staff that is supplying a specific environment and buying plans of smartphones. Have fun while browsing many smartphones, including the one you like the most. Trust yourself by putting yourself in the hands of skilled workers who offer specified smartphones.

Search Boltwireless nearby to know everything about it.

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Home Security

Look at the great collection of smart home devices. Your home is the most precious thing to you, and obviously, you’d like to keep a check and balance on it all the time and make sure that it’s 100% safe and secure. If you decide to hire a private company to supply 24/7 security, that is probably not a good idea. So, the best decision you can make is to purchase a home security system. With this simple solution, you can easily keep an eye on your home. You can monitor everything from anywhere, and it is very feasible to use.

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Productivity Enhancement Via Telus and Koodo Authorized Services Exclusively From BoltWireless.

       Full Partner Program

Would you like to become our partner?

We love to secure brands with our team with the help of our full/exclusive partner program. It will be available to your families, partners, employees, and recommended members. Once you have become our partner, you will enjoy our complete service and start recommending it to others.

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Internet In Rural Areas

You don’t have to worry about the internet signals and services not reaching out to people in rural areas. Because bolt wireless solutions guarantee you that the internet service will be available around every corner. Over the years, our business internet service has made its mark. So, what are you waiting for? Just give us a text or call.

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Advance Smartphones Starting At $0

Our smartphones are starting at the cheapest rates. We always make sure that our users can easily avail internet on their smartphones. It should be available for all.

Save with Bring-it-Back

You have to spend less money and get the phone of your desire. If you do not like it, we have a refund policy.


Delivery and Pickup

Pick up or deliver from any of our 7 branches. Whether Delta, Richmond, Calgary, Golder, Vancouver, New Westminster, or Abbotsford, Bolt Wireless has got you covered!

Business Connect

Businesses require secure, reliable data connectivity between numerous local and worldwide sites in today’s fast-paced, highly complex connections environment.

Boltwireless’ high-availability business connect services provide solutions to your specific requirements.

Business Connect is one of the numerous initiatives aimed at helping small businesses throughout the world become the best supported.

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Fleet Complete

Our storage-based management permits you to quickly manage and track the vehicles, assets, and workers. Utilize this unique feature of Fleet to complete improved productivity.

  • Easier to handle.
  • GPS tracking of fleet management

Increase productivity and efficiency at a minimal cost

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Bolt wireless Telus Authorized dealer in Canada

Boltwireless TELUS Authorized dealer in Canada

Welcome to Bolt wireless dealer in Canada, largest and most affordable recommended TELUS Authorized dealer British Columbia. Having the dedication to give their customer most effective and efficient services at everyone of many locations throughout Canada. Bolt wireless TELUS Authorized dealer Canada carries the latest mobility including smart phones, tablets, and smart watches. Along with TELUS smart home security and Fleet management services including high speed of nonstop internet. Our company offers TELUS epp plan, for personal, family, business or professional use. We offer the latest technology phones, mobile internet services and a signal booster, having a huge amount of latest smart appliances.

  • Caring World away from you
  • Best latest Technology solution
  • Provides security equipments
  • Effective and efficient service with minimal charges

Boltwireless is TELUS Authorized dealer Alberta

Our goal is to go in-depth with your business and brings out the best telecom solution. Bolt wireless is TELUS Authorized dealer Alberta, which begins by knowing and listening about your business to get a vision about your company and gives you the direction to provide the best technology solutions which ended up gaining positive feedback and enhancement in your business. We are the top TELUS authorized dealer in Canada, and proud of giving the best services throughout the time period. Our satisfied clients are our motivation to bring the best out of us every single time. Let us help you and your organization with the latest technology benefits and you fully realized the benefits of wireless technology systems.

Boltwireless TELUS Authorized dealer Canada provides you with the competitive advantage of their culture. This is what motivates our innovative approach to deliver our customer’s best experience solutions given the ultimate latest technology. It is what makes us stand out from our competitors in a market full of competition. We help you to learn more about the technology, become better at learning and using the mobility of this generation and improve and be excellent to see yourself growing globally. Our team member always approaches being a part of something bigger and when they get the opportunity, they make big difference in all the aspects, where we work, live and grow up with our families.

Bolt wireless is TELUS Authorized dealer Alberta that provides an essential part of services to the corporate world and gives the foundation of our caring culture. When it comes to the business world it requires the right partners who support you to become innovative. Bolt wireless provides a Telus epp plan which helps you in planning strategic partnerships and works in this leading global technology world. We ensure that we always offer the best tools and technology options to accelerate your customer and digital transformation experience.

Technology is continuously changing customer expectations by bringing new latest technology into this world. Everything is coming digital, people contacting each other with just one device, now there is no more distance means anything. New modified and latest technology keeps you in contact with your loved ones all the time with the help of smartphones, the internet and smart application. Here are a few service providers, a combination of people and technology who help companies address the entire spectrum of building, integrated, end to end customer experiences, designing the world into a transformed world.

Boltwireless TELUS Authorized Dealer British

Boltwireless is TELUS authorized dealer British Columbia that provides the latest technology smart applications in form of software, devices, and smartphones. British Columbia technology has a membership of over 2100 companies through which they can establish their organizations. The technology sector provides software, hardware for educational purposes, life insurance, natural resources, manufacturing, web technologies and many more. They also offer partnership programs within British Columbia technology industry.

Bolt wireless is an authorized dealer Alberta and British Columbia which provides you with the smart home security system and equipment with the latest technology applications. We ensure you that your property is safe and protected with our TELUS Home security applications. You can order online from us and get discounts available at the application. TELUS home security system and equipment includes smart cameras, smart automation, secure internet and control audio and video. Be safe and secure with bolt wireless TELUS applications.