Online Security​

TELUS Security

Stay safe and secure online with Bolt wireless TELUS online security. Choose from a range of customizable solutions, including antivirus, VPN, and parental controls, with professional support and monitoring.

The Most Comprehensive Cyber Safety Platform

TELUS Online Security, Powered by NortonLifeLockTM, offers enhanced protection. Protect your identity, devices, and online privacy. Plans for All-in-One Security begin at $10 per month.

Secure Devices

Defend your hardware against malware, spyware, hackers, and other online threats. Your login information.

Wi-Fi Privacy Protection

Utilize Secure VPN’s ultra-secure, bank-grade security to stay protected when utilizing home or public Wi-Fi.

Dark Web Monitoring

You will be alerted as soon as your data is made public on the dark web. NortonLifeLockTM keeps you informed 

Online Security Plans from TELUS


$ 10 Month

comprehensive security for three devices, internet privacy, identity protection, and more.


$ 15 Month

Complete security for ten devices, internet privacy, and identity theft, including identity theft reimbursement coverage up to $100,000 and more.


$ 20 Month

Our best all-in-one security for up to $1 million in identity theft reimbursement coverage, 20 devices, online privacy, and your identity.

Determine Theft Management

In the event of identity theft, a certified Identity Restoration Specialist will be assigned to your case from beginning to end to assist you in regaining your identity.

Alerts For Credit Monitoring

Credit Checking Notifications are based on changes to your credit file. Many occurrences can set off alerts, including a change of address, a change of name, credit report inquiries, new accounts created in your name, activity on inactive accounts, and accounts turned over for collections. Single-bureau alerts are included in the Basic and Full plans, and alerts are included in the Ultimate Plan.

Identity Theft Reimbursement Coverage

You will be covered for qualified identity theft-related expenses up to the extent of your plan as a result of identity theft. Lawyers and specialists will be provided as needed, up to the limits of your plan.

Canada’s #1 Home Security Provider, Now Including Online Security

With TELUS SmartHome Security & Automation, keep your family and your house safe. TELUS Online Security is now available with all monthly plans! Get full online security and up to $1,400 worth of home security gear to make your home and online life safer. It had never been more affordable to get peace of mind with monthly plans starting at $15.


Customizable Solutions

TELUS Security offers a range of customizable solutions to meet the unique security needs of each customer, including antivirus, VPN, and parental controls.


Professional Support and Monitoring

TELUS Security provides professional support and monitoring to ensure that customers are protected from online threats, including access to a team of experts who can assist with technical issues and offer advice on best practices for staying safe online.


Multi-Device Protection

TELUS Security offers multi-device protection to ensure that customers' laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones are all protected from online threats.


Advanced Threat Detection

TELUS Security uses advanced threat detection technology to identify and prevent cyber attacks, including malware, phishing scams, and other online threats.


Parental Controls

TELUS Security offers parental controls to help parents protect their children from online dangers, including access to inappropriate content and cyberbullying.


Easy Installation and Setup

TELUS Security offers easy installation and setup options, including the ability to install and configure the software on multiple devices, making it easy for customers to stay protected online.