Pik TV​

Pik TV - Affordable Streaming Options

Get access to your favorite shows and movies at an affordable price with Pik TV. Stream live TV and on-demand content on multiple devices.

Having Fun with Pik TV

Pik TV offers you 23 basic channels, and you can then add 5 speciality channels or STARZ at your discretion. Every 30 days, you are free to change the channel. For only $4 per month per channel, you may also add extra channels.

Appreciate The Convenience

You can watch whenever and anywhere you wish. Pik TV makes it easy to view live events and shows while you’re on the road. Additionally, you have simple access on several screens.Ordering and watching are both possible.

No Commitment

There’s no penalty if you cancel and you can do so at any time.


Affordable price for access to live TV and on-demand content.


Stream on multiple devices, including phones and tablets.


Wide selection of channels and on-demand content.


No need for a traditional cable or satellite TV subscription.


No installation required, simply sign up and start streaming.


Pause, rewind, and record live TV with cloud PVR functionality.


Watch your favorite shows and movies on your own schedule with on-demand content.


Access to popular streaming apps like directly on your TV with the Pik TV media box.

  • To watch conveniently at home, pick a compatible device and download the Pik TV app. You may also watch by going to telus.com/watchpik on your preferred browser.
  • Pik TV may be accessed anywhere, not only at home on the couch. Install the app on your tablet or phone to access the video practically anywhere.