Wireless Home Phone

TELUS Wireless

Say hello to a brand-new, reasonably priced phone replacement for your home. Using Canada's largest and fastest wireless network, a wireless home phone enables you to place and receive calls using your regular home phone handset.

Why this TELUS product will make you happy


Benefit from unlimited countrywide calling while paying less than most competitors' standard home phone plans, all supported by Canada's largest mobile network.


Just plug in the box to get going; no technical visit is necessary. You can keep your current phone number, and if you combine it with your mobile plan, all of your bills will be conveniently combined into one.


Savor the ease of having access to connectivity no matter where you travel. Take it with you to the office, the lodge, or wherever your weekend may lead.

Raise the Bar

Become a member of the biggest mobile network in Canada and begin enjoying dependable and swift coverage right now.

How does it work?

It's quick and simple to implement our 3-step method.

Step 1

Put the SIM card into the hub of the wireless home phone.

Step 2

Attach your current home phone to the Hub (handset sold separately).

Step 3

Start making calls after plugging the Hub into an electrical outlet in a location with strong cell reception.

A comparison between traditional phone lines and wireless home phones

Wireless Home Phone

  • List price Starting at $10/month
  • Unlimited nationwide calling Yes
  • Mobile Yes

Traditional Home Phone

  • List price Starting at $20/month
  • Unlimited nationwide calling No
  • Mobile No

Wireless Home Phone From TELUS

There are no jacks to install, and there is no need to engage installers on-site. All you have to do to get going is attach the power wire.