Business Security ​

Secure Your Business With Telus Business Security

Keep your business safe and secure with our advanced security solutions. From surveillance cameras to alarm systems, we have everything you need to protect your assets.

TELUS Has a Limited-Time Promotion.

Get 6 months of security and installation for free when you bundle with at least one other TELUS Business product, or 3 months for free when you sign up without bundling.


Video Surveillance

Protect your business with high-definition video surveillance cameras that can be accessed from anywhere.


Alarm Systems

Secure your business with customizable alarm systems that alert you in case of any unauthorized entry or suspicious activity.


Access Control

Control access to your business premises with smart locks and keycards to ensure only authorized personnel can enter.


24/7 Monitoring

Our security experts monitor your business around the clock, ensuring any security breaches are detected and responded to in a timely manner.


Integration with Other TELUS Services

Our security solutions can be integrated with other TELUS services to provide a comprehensive solution.

Key Features

System of Advanced Security

24/7 security alerts and real-time HD surveillance video will aid in the protection of your company’s security.

Control and Keep an Eye on from Anywhere

Remotely manage, monitor, and set up your cameras, locks, and security alarms with the mobile app.

Professional Installation and Support

To keep your business safe, have our licensed installation technicians install a business security system.

Spend Less on Equipment.

Signing up for expert installation will save you up to $1,900 on equipment costs.

You may Access Your Security System from Anywhere.

Keep your staff and assets secure for as little as $18 a month (when bundling) with a smart security system that can be operated from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.