TELUS Device Catalogue

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera in HD

When people and cars arrive at your property, use this HD camera to receive high-quality live recordings and alerts.

Wireless Indoor Security Camera in HD

Observe the interior spaces with crisp, clear 1080 HD footage. To provide you with a clear picture of every region, it also features dependable cloud recording and infrared night vision.

Slimline Doorbell Camera

Use this doorbell camera to keep your house and place of business safe. To determine who is at the door, rely on the live recording.

Window and Door Sensor

This TELUS security sensor, created using ADT technology, will always keep your house and place of business safe and secure. It will assist in identifying which windows and doors are opened and closed.

Motion Sensor

You may use your security alarm system with this motion sensor. Temperature and movement can be monitored. It is really easy to assemble.

Glass Break Sensor

This sensor will notify you right away if a door or glass pane is broken. Consequently, you can act quickly to stop more expenses and damages.

Smart Thermostat

This smart thermostat has the ability to automatically regulate the temperature throughout the day. To save even more, you can do it while on the road.

Smart Lock

You can program a code to be used at specific times, or you can lock and unlock your door remotely.

Keyring Remote with four buttons

This compact device allows you to arm and disarm your system, whether you are inside or nearby.

Main Security Control Panel

This gadget gives you access to your main control panel.

Flood Sensor

This flood sensor will alert you if it finds any standing water. This enables you to act quickly and shield your company from significant harm caused by floods.

Smoke & Heat Detector

In the event of an afore, this cutting-edge equipment provides early warnings with a siren and flashing lights.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Protect yourself and your company from carbon monoxide exposure. This apparatus keeps an eye on CO2 levels. Our detector works better than a typical one and will contribute to the constant safety of the people who live on your home.

Secondary Security Control Panel

You will be able to access your security system more easily from anywhere on the property with this control panel. In addition, door chimes, the emergency button, and alarm status checks are available.

Smart Garage Door Opener

It's convenient to have this remote control for opening and closing garage doors.

Smart Plug - Lamp

When you plug in this lamp, you have total control over it. You can program the light to turn on or off at a specific time.

Smart Light Bulb

Installing this LED bulb will save you more money because it has a long lifespan. This can be paired with the Smart Plug Lamp as well.

Smart Plug - Appliance

Take control of any connected device, like your coffee maker, using a keypad or the TELUS Secure Business app.