TELUS Tablet

Stay connected and productive on-the-go with Boltwireless TELUS tablets. Wide range of models, advanced features, and flexible plans to choose from. Discover the perfect tablet for you with TELUS. Large screens: TELUS tablets offer large screens that are perfect for watching movies, TV shows, or streaming videos on-the-go.

Apple iPad

Explore a diverse range of tablets offered on Canada's most-awarded network. For an additional $10 per month, you may utilize your phone's unlimited data on your tablet.

iPad Pro 10.9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 11.9-inch (5th generation)

iPad Pro 11.2-inch (6th generation)

iPad Pro 13-inch (7th generation)

iPad Pro 10.9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 10.9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 10.9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 10.9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 10.9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 10.9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 14.5-inch (5th generation)

iPad Pro 12.8-inch (6th generation)

Samsung 11.7-inch (4th generation)

Samsung Pro 12.5-inch (5th generation)

Samsung Pro 14.9-inch (6th generation)

iPad 9-inch (4th generation)

iPad Pro 12.4-inch (5th generation)

iPad Pro 14.8-inch (5th generation)


Advanced Features

Many TELUS tablets come equipped with advanced features like high-quality cameras, powerful processors, and long battery life, making them a great option for both entertainment and productivity.​


Flexible Plans

TELUS offers a range of flexible plans for their tablets, including data-only plans or plans that include both data and voice calling, allowing users to choose the plan that best suits their needs.​


Entertainment Options

TELUS tablets come with access to a wide range of entertainment options, including TV shows, movies, music, and games, making them perfect for long flights or commutes.​



TELUS offers a range of accessories for their tablets, such as cases, screen protectors, and keyboards, that can enhance the user experience and protect the device.​


Customer Support

TELUS offers customer support for their smartphones, including troubleshooting and repair services, ensuring that users can get help quickly if they experience any issues with their device.​