High Speed Internet

Get Lightning-Fast Internet with TELUS

Get fast and reliable internet for your home or business with our high-speed internet services. Available in both urban and rural areas.

Get The TELUS High Speed Internet

Based on a nationwide average, TELUS was named by PCMag as Canada's fastest major internet provider. With exceptional upload rates of 940 Mbps and download speeds of up to 1,500 Mbps, TELUS is leading the market. This allows for speedy and easy downloading, streaming, and video chatting.

Mesh Network to Boost

The mesh network is easy to set-up and ensures that the best signal is always available. Add boosters to expand your coverage even more.

Family Time with One Tap

Use the My Wi-Fi app to take total control of your network – pause the Wi-Fi, monitor usage, and build family profiles.

Fantastic Whole-Home Coverage

Our whole home Wi-Fi performance will give you the fastest Wi-Fi speeds, even when multiple devices are connected.


Blazing-Fast Speeds

TELUS offers some of the fastest internet speeds in Canada, with plans ranging from 75 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps.


Unlimited Data

Enjoy unlimited data usage without worrying about overage fees.


Wi-Fi Modem Included

Get a free Wi-Fi modem with your internet plan to connect all your devices wirelessly.


Advanced Wi-Fi Features

TELUS offers advanced Wi-Fi features such as guest Wi-Fi, parental controls, and device prioritization.


24/7 Customer Support

TELUS provides round-the-clock customer support to help you with any internet-related issues.


Home Security Add-ons

Customers can add TELUS SmartHome Security and TELUS Online Security to their internet plans for added protection.

Amazing Streaming Experience

TELUS PureFibre offers cutting-edge streaming so you can enjoy crystal-clear images and fantastic sound. Watch binge-worthy content simultaneously on all of your devices or with your home.
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Enjoy Canada's Fastest Network

Direct access to our top-notch network is available in your residences. To keep safe, entertained, and connected both now and in the future, use TELUS Home Services.
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Full Fibre Optic Internet Connection.

The constant speed of the fiber optic link will never degrade. Your home receives 100% fiber optic service from TELUS.

Fibre by TELUS

With astounding download speeds of 1,500 Mbps and outstanding upload speeds of 940 Mbps, Canada’s fastest, 100% fiber optic connection is currently available.