TELUS & Koodo Store Surrey, BC

TELUS & Koodo Store Surrey, BC

Visit the BoltWireless Surrey TELUS & Koodo store in Surrey, BC for the latest iPhones, Phones, Tablets, Plans & Mobile Internet Devices. Get the latest information about TELUS TV, Internet, SmartHome Security, Home Phone and Bundles.


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TELUS and Koodo Store in Surrey, BC

Bolt Wireless Inc. has revolutionized the telecommunications sector in Canada, establishing itself as a key player in the provision of communication solutions. This organization has enhanced mobile and business experiences, specializing in delivering both Telus and Koodo services across nine major regions in Canada. Telus Mobility, a flagship offering from Telus Canada, is one of the many essential services that Bolt Wireless extends to its customer base. The same applies to Koodo services in Canada, including Koodo mobile plans and Koodo data plans, which are now accessible to numerous Canadians courtesy of Bolt Wireless.

The company’s reach is not just limited to Telus and Koodo wireless services, but also extends to Telus home security services, making it easier for customers to access ‘Telus near me’ and ‘Koodo near me’ services.

Broadband Internet Services in Surrey, BC

Transitioning from the previous discussion, it is noteworthy to mention how is facilitating the expansion of Telus and Koodo Services in Surrey, BC, and other regions. As a premier telecommunications company in Canada, Bolt Wireless Inc. has earned a reputation for exceptional customer service, delivering innovative solutions to elevate the mobile experience and business interactions.

Telus Canada offers a range of broadband internet services, which have been successfully extended to nine regions nationwide by The broadened reach has enabled more Canadians to enjoy unparalleled connectivity, improving their mobile lives.

Moreover, Koodo self-service has been made more accessible to the population with’s efforts. The partnership has allowed customers to manage their accounts, monitor data usage, and change their plans at their convenience, enhancing customer satisfaction.

The expansion of these services across multiple areas has significantly improved the communication needs of Canadians. It is a testament to Bolt Wireless Inc.’s commitment to enhancing the lives of its customers, thereby establishing itself as the go-to communication destination in Canada.

Home Phone and Television Services in Surrey, BC

Transitioning from broadband internet solutions, an exploration into the realm of home phone and television services is warranted. Bolt Wireless Inc., the premier communication hub in Canada, has been instrumental in expanding the reach of prominent communication companies such as Telus and Koodo in Surrey, BC, and various other areas across the nation.

Being a reputable name in the industry, Bolt Wireless has utilized its vast network to make Telus and Koodo’s offerings more accessible to the masses. The offerings encompass a diverse range of services, including home phone and television, that are designed to enhance the personal and professional lives of customers.

In Surrey, BC, an area which has seen a tremendous surge in demand for sophisticated telecommunication solutions, Bolt Wireless has played a significant role in meeting this need. This has been achieved by facilitating a seamless experience for customers seeking to avail of Telus and Koodo’s comprehensive suite of services.

It is noteworthy that in its journey of expansion across nine regions in Canada, Bolt Wireless has consistently upheld its inherent commitment to exceptional customer service and innovative solutions.

Network Coverage and Mobile Phone Services in Surrey, BC

Transitioning from home-based solutions, let’s take a look at how is revolutionizing mobile communication services. Recognized for its exceptional customer service, Bolt Wireless Inc. is transforming mobile communication in 9 regions across Canada, including Surrey, BC.

Through its partnership with major telecom players, Bolt Wireless Inc. is expanding its reach by providing and marketing services associated with popular networks such as Telus and Koodo. The company’s commitment to delivering innovative mobile solutions offers customers unparalleled access to a range of network services, including high-speed internet and a diverse selection of cell phone plans.

In Surrey, BC, and other areas, Bolt Wireless Inc. has become a go-to destination for mobile communication needs. This expansion is not just about increasing network coverage; it’s about enhancing lives and businesses through innovative mobile solutions. Leveraging the power of these renowned networks, offers a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the evolving needs of Canadian mobile users.

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Telus & Koodo Plans in Surrey, BC

Transitioning from the discussion of network coverage and mobile phone services, it is important to note the expanding reach of in providing Telus and Koodo services. As an esteemed provider of communication solutions, Bolt Wireless Inc. has become the preferred destination for mobile and business communication needs, now servicing in nine nationwide locations, including Surrey, BC.

Through, accessibility to Telus and Koodo plans has significantly increased. Surrey, BC, alongside other regions, can now enjoy an enhanced mobile lifestyle with the advanced solutions provided by Bolt Wireless Inc.

The company’s reputation for exceptional customer service is well deserved, ensuring every interaction results in satisfactory problem resolution and product information. Telus and Koodo’s offerings are further bolstered by Bolt Wireless Inc.’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Exploring the Bolt Wireless Inc. catalogue, customers can discover a wide array of Telus and Koodo options. From flexible mobile solutions to comprehensive business packages, there is a plan to suit every need and circumstance. The breadth of their reach highlights Bolt Wireless Inc.

Security Services in Surrey, BC

Building on the expansive reach of for communication services across Surrey, BC, and wider areas, it is crucial to spotlight the development in security services being offered. As a trusted partner for both Telus and Koodo, has been instrumental in broadening the accessibility of these providers’ security solutions across Canada.

A variety of security services are available through, crafted meticulously to meet diverse consumer needs. With the rise in smart home solutions, the need for advanced security services has become more pronounced. Fulfilling this demand, provides a host of security solutions that range from basic to comprehensive plans. These include, but are not limited to, intrusion monitoring, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, and even medical emergency alerts.’s offerings are not confined to residential customers alone. Commercial establishments in Surrey, BC, and other areas can also benefit from these robust security services. The company’s commitment to customer service and innovative solutions continues to empower users, enhancing the safety and security of their homes and businesses.

Telus Exclusive Partner Program (EPP)

Moving beyond security services, attention is now directed to an equally exciting development – the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) featuring Bolt Wireless Inc., a key player in the Canadian telecommunications industry. Committed to delivering top-notch customer service and innovative solutions, Bolt Wireless Inc. is enhancing the mobile experiences of individuals and businesses across nine regions nationwide.

In Surrey, BC, and other territories, this partnership broadens the reach of TELUS and Koodo offerings. As an integral part of the TELUS EPP, Bolt Wireless is committed to bringing these superior telecommunications services closer to the Canadian people. This effort is not only about expanding business footprints but also about empowering communities with reliable and advanced communication solutions.

To illustrate, in Surrey, BC, Bolt Wireless’ expertise in telecommunications is making a difference by delivering unparalleled customer service and state-of-the-art solutions to residents and businesses. A testament to the significant contributions of the TELUS EPP, Bolt Wireless is set on transforming Canada’s telecommunications landscape.

The broad array of offerings by Telus and Koodo in Surrey, BC, including broadband internet, home phone, television, and mobile phone services, remain indispensable for both residential and commercial clients. Their coverage is extensive, with various plans tailored to diverse user needs, and security solutions providing peace of mind for customers.

Further, the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) provides additional value to subscribers, underscoring the commitment of these providers in ensuring customer satisfaction. This comprehensive suite of services demonstrates the robust telecommunications infrastructure in Surrey, BC.

Customer Reviews

Maulid Abdule
Maulid Abdule
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Sonia was quick to assist and knowledgeable, answering the various questions I had. She was amazing and helpful. The approachability of the staff made me feel more like a friend than just a customer. Also the timing worked well to get a reasonable deal on a new phone. Appreciate it
utkarsh singh
utkarsh singh
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Amazing , friendly and fast service. Sonia helped me find a really good deal which suits my requirements and Satish was extremely knowledgeable and helpful when he set up our connection.
narinder sidhu
narinder sidhu
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My experience at this store was amazing. Sonia is very knowledgeable and did a great job in getting us a great deal. She was extremely helpful and nice throughout the whole process. I got 7 lines with 7 new phones and she even came to check the service at my home and was really professional. The service is great on these phones. I would really recommend dealing with Sonia and look forward to working with her in the future