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TELUS & Koodo Store in Delta BC

Visit the BoltWireless TELUS & Koodo store in Delta for the latest iPhones, Phones, Tablets, Plans & Mobile Internet Devices. Get the latest information about TELUS TV, Internet, SmartHome Security, Home Phone and Bundles.


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Monday : 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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Wednesday : 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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Telus and Koodo Store in Delta, BC has become Canada’s premier destination for all communication needs, broadening the reach of Telus and Koodo services nationwide. We’re thrilled to be the trusted provider of Telus Mobility in Delta, BC, an embodiment of our commitment to providing seamless and efficient communication services. Telus Canada offers an array of services such as Telus home security services, all designed to enhance your mobile life and business operations. Whether you’re searching for ‘Telus near me’, our vast network ensures we’re always within your reach.

In addition to Telus, we’re also proud to offer Koodo services in Canada. Koodo wireless and Koodo mobile plans are suitable for individuals looking for affordable yet high-quality communication solutions. If you’re seeking ‘Koodo near me’, look no further.

Broadband Internet Services in Delta, BC

Diving into’s innovative solutions, you’ll discover a wealth of opportunities to enhance your connectivity. As an esteemed partner of renowned providers, we are expanding the reach of services like Koodo across Delta, BC and beyond. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is paramount, and our cutting-edge solutions are designed to enrich your mobile experience.

Are you in pursuit of seamless internet access? Bolt Wireless Inc. now brings you Koodo data plans, specially designed to meet your high-speed internet requirements. We offer comprehensive coverage across nine areas nationwide, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity at your fingertips.

For the tech-savvy, Koodo self-service is an extraordinary feature. You get control over your service, with the ability to manage your account, making adjustments as and when you require. It’s about convenience, flexibility, and independence.

Our mission at is to bridge the gap between you and the digital world, with services that are reliable, fast, and affordable. Experience the difference that Bolt Wireless Inc. brings to your home or business, today.

Home Phone and Television Services in Delta, BC

Building on our robust broadband internet services, is expanding its horizons even further. We are proud to extend our reach and bring you superior home phone and television services, as a reliable partner of Telus and Koodo. Our mission is to connect the vibrant community of Delta, BC, and other areas across Canada with cutting-edge communication solutions that enhance your daily life and business operations.

As a trusted name in Canada, we ensure seamless integration of high-quality, reliable communication services into your homes and businesses. Our home phone services offer clarity and consistency, while our television services open up a world of entertainment and information at your fingertips.

With, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-notch services synonymous with Telus and Koodo. We are here to make your mobile life more convenient and exciting. Don’t just take our word for it, experience the superior quality of our home phone and television services today!

Network Coverage and Mobile Phone Services in Delta, BC

As we transition from discussing home phone and television solutions, let’s delve into the dynamic world of network coverage and mobile phone services. Bolt Wireless Inc., a beacon of excellence in the Canadian communication industry, is expanding its reach in Delta, BC, and other regions, bringing the high-quality services of renowned providers like Telus and Koodo closer to you.

With a focus on exceptional customer service and innovative solutions, Bolt Wireless Inc. is here to enhance your mobile experience and boost your businesses. We proudly service nine areas nationwide, bringing you unrivalled connection and reliability. Whether you’re in Delta or beyond, rest assured that Bolt Wireless Inc. has you covered.

In partnership with Telus and Koodo, we are committed to delivering top-tier mobile services that cater to your specific needs. Our partnership ensures you receive the best-in-class solutions associated with these leading providers without having to search for a local provider.

Choose Bolt Wireless Inc. today and experience the difference. Your journey to improved communication starts here.

Telus and Koodo Plans in Delta, BC

Moving from the broad topic of network coverage and mobile phone services, we delve into the specific benefits that Bolt Wireless Inc. brings to its customers through Telus and Koodo Plans in Delta, BC and beyond.

Through Bolt Wireless, you can tap into the power of Telus and Koodo, two of Canada’s most trusted communication providers, to revolutionize your mobile phone experience. Bolt Wireless is a conduit for extending these robust services to Delta, BC and other regions across Canada, making communication smoother, faster, and more efficient.

Our exceptional customer service and innovative solutions have helped us carve a niche in the Canadian telecom industry. Bolt Wireless simplifies the process of accessing Telus and Koodo plans, making it an effortless experience. We are dedicated to enhancing your mobile lifestyle and business activities, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your day.

Choose Bolt Wireless for your communication needs. Experience the difference that quality service and cutting-edge technology can make in your life. Allow us to broaden your horizons with Telus and Koodo in Delta, BC and other areas across Canada.

Security Services in Delta, BC

Having explored the excellent Telus/Koodo plans available in Delta, BC, let’s shift our focus to an equally important aspect of the digital age – security. Bolt Wireless Inc. proudly delivers top-tier security solutions across nine different regions in Canada. By extending the reach of services affiliated with Telus and Koodo, we’re ensuring that you can enjoy peace of mind, no matter where you are.

Our advanced security solutions are designed with user needs in mind. Leveraging innovative technology, we offer robust protection against digital threats. We understand that your data, online transactions, and personal information are of paramount importance, and we’re committed to safeguarding them.

Moreover, our security services aren’t just for individuals. Businesses too can benefit from our comprehensive protection against cyber threats. With Bolt Wireless, you can focus on growing your business, while we take care of the security.

Embrace the future of communication with Bolt Wireless Inc. Choose us for top-notch security services and experience the peace of mind that comes with world-class protection.

Telus Exclusive Partner Program (EPP)

Shifting gears from our discussion on security services, let’s now turn our focus to a remarkable initiative: TELUS’s Exclusive Partner Program (EPP). Bolt Wireless Inc., Canada’s prime destination for all communication needs, has partnered with TELUS to enhance its reach and service delivery. This partnership is bringing a sea of change in mobile communication and business solutions, especially in Delta, BC, and nine other strategic locations nationwide.

Bolt Wireless’s exceptional customer service and pioneering solutions are amplifying the impact of TELUS’s services, thus enriching the mobile lives of Canadians. This partnership is not just about expanding service reach, but also about offering tailor-made solutions that meet the unique communication needs of individuals and businesses. By choosing Bolt Wireless, you’re choosing a seamless mobile experience, backed by world-class customer service.

So, why wait? Embrace a superior communication experience with Bolt Wireless and TELUS’s Exclusive Partner Program. This is not just a service, this is a revolution in mobile communication. Join us and be a part of this wave of innovation!

Telus and Koodo provide top-notch communication and entertainment solutions in Delta, BC, ensuring residents stay connected and entertained. With robust broadband internet, home phone, television, and mobile services, coupled with reliable security systems and exclusive partner programs, these companies truly stand out.

We encourage you to explore the various plans and services offered by Telus and Koodo in Delta, BC. You will undoubtedly find a package that caters to your unique needs, ensuring seamless communication and security for your home or business. Experience a new level of connectivity and entertainment today.

Customer Reviews

Maulid Abdule
Maulid Abdule
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Sonia was quick to assist and knowledgeable, answering the various questions I had. She was amazing and helpful. The approachability of the staff made me feel more like a friend than just a customer. Also the timing worked well to get a reasonable deal on a new phone. Appreciate it
utkarsh singh
utkarsh singh
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Amazing , friendly and fast service. Sonia helped me find a really good deal which suits my requirements and Satish was extremely knowledgeable and helpful when he set up our connection.
narinder sidhu
narinder sidhu
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My experience at this store was amazing. Sonia is very knowledgeable and did a great job in getting us a great deal. She was extremely helpful and nice throughout the whole process. I got 7 lines with 7 new phones and she even came to check the service at my home and was really professional. The service is great on these phones. I would really recommend dealing with Sonia and look forward to working with her in the future